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Review: The Book of Eli

March 7, 2010

So this is one of the new movies aired this week over here. I’ve seen the trailer a lot times when going to other movies and it looked pretty good. But does the movie itself live up to the hype? I for one didn’t have a lot of expectations for the movie because I knew which book Eli was carrying. Read more…

Utada ‘In the Flesh’ tour 2010

March 4, 2010

It’s actually been a while, but yeah. I recently went to Utada’s last concert of her ‘In the Flesh’ tour. I got news of the concert back in November (I think) and was going crazy, since I’ve been a huge fan of her since  December 1998. Yes…that’s over 11 years already now. Read more…

Been a while

March 3, 2010

Right! It’s been a while….like…almost a year actually…I think imma do something with this site again, putting up some more reviews I come across everyday since I have more time on my hand again. So yeah…check back soon?

Article with the lamest title ever

April 1, 2009

rare-utada-stillI wasn’t talking about this post…it’s this article here. I mean c’mon, the Japanese Britney Spears? Read more…

Interesting Utada interview

March 26, 2009

untitled-1Yep, there have actually been a few interviews I missed, but this one is more interesting than the others I didn’t post about. Read more…

Utada myspace update

March 21, 2009

02-utada-avRight, this is a very strange update on Utada MySpace  page. She’s looking for a fellow…well, just have a look yourself. I also finally got my physical “This is the one” CD. I’v been listening to the CD’s ever since it came out non-stop. It just gets better and better everytime. Read more…

Lots of news on Utada…and a bit BoA

March 19, 2009

utada-interview-asianceSo where to start…I’m too lazy to make separate posts for every news bit today, so I’ll just do everything in one go. Read more…