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Utada on

February 12, 2009

utada-come-back-to-meSo here’s a quick movie of Utada talking about her new single and album on

Click here for the link to the movie (if it’s not on the frontpage anymore, it’s probably somewhere in the archives), and here or here for my review on the song. She looks pretty in the video and does some crazy stuff. I’m not gonna spoil anything, just take a look yourself.

Her single “Come back to me” is actually on sale now on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody, so get it while it’s hot! Below is a tracklist of the single:

  1. Come Back To Me (Tony Moran Radio Edit)
  2. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
  3. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)
  4. Come Back To Me (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)
  5. Come Back To Me (Radio Edit)

I have to say I still love the original version the most. The remixes of her songs aren’t my cup of tea most of the time, but there’s one exception, and that is one of my favorite songs “FINAL DISTANCE – m-flo remix -“, the name says it all, FINAL DISTANCE remixed by m-flo, which I’m listening to right now. M-flo used to be amazing back in the day, and really…I just remembered, no seriously, I didn’t plan this before I was writing, but m-flo has a song called “Come back to me” as well! (MV right here) I loved that song!…man, those were the days.

Anyway, get the digital single and enjoy the movies in the post!

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