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More Utada “This is the one” album details, Part II

February 15, 2009

utada-part-iiSo the latest issue of Japanese magazine “WHAT’s IN” revealed 2 tracks (yet again) of Utada’s upcoming album. The song titles are “Poppin’” and “Automatic Part II

Apparently the song “Poppin‘” was originally called “The Austin Powers Song“. I’m not sure what to think of it, because personally, I don’t like Austin Powers, though I’ve never even seen the movies, I just think they’re lame. But yeah, let’s just hope the name has nothing to do with the song, though I’m pretty sure it does, otherwise they wouldn’t have named it that.
 What’s more surprising is, of course, the song called “Automatic Part II“, because “Automatic is the song I fell in love with back in 1998 (yes I’m old). So if there’s a part II, I’m really looking forward to it, and also a bit scared, because, what if this is a full song, and doesn’t rival the total awesomeness of “Automatic“? It’s a big risk she’s taking here I think, especially for her long time fans, or maybe I’m just overreacting. So anyway, this song is is supposed to be a cross-over between Utada (American market) and Utada Hikaru (the Japanese version), as a way of showing fans that the two really did come from the same person. I for one don’t really feel the need for something like that, because, like I stated some posts ago (Review of “Come back to me“), I really did feel Exodus being not an album of any artist, but really hers. But yeah, with a song title popping up  like “Automatic Part II“, I’m sure all her Japanese fans, and people that have known her long enough, will be looking forward to this.

There’s also some more info on the songs (some new, some old, but I decided just to post it here anyway, because I don’t know where else to put it):

  • Apple And Cinnamon: is a mid-tempo track about men and women. I think this song title was released a long time ago (at least a year), but I;m actually not sure if it’s still the same track.
  • On & On: is Produced by Tricky. And a fun track, plus it has the phrase “gay parade.”
  • Me Muero: literally means “I die” or “I’m dying” in Spanish, has a latin flavor. The song title kinda reminds me of “TAKE 5” (from the “Heart Station” album in 2008), because that one was about death as well, though it didn’t have a latin flavor to it.
  • Automatic Part II was the last track to receive a title. 

So yeah, a few more track titles to go and we have the whole list.

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