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Utada interview on

February 15, 2009

utada-avHikki’s been really busy lately, this is another interview that she’s been doing as promotion for “This is the one” and actually, this one is pretty interesting. You can listen to the interview here.

What makes this interview interesting is that she talks a bit more about her  as an artist and also talks about the differences this time with “Exodus“. Stating “Exodus” was more of an experimentation and she wasn’t really satisfied with the image either that they tried to make back in 2004 and the mistakes. A funny thing is that she said that this time, she has her own make up artist from Japan to do the make up, because the one before, and I’m sure she that means “Easy Breezy” in particular, wasn’t doing a really good job. And I have to agree. I mean, the girl in that MV was really not the girl I know from her Japanese MV’s.

More interesting information of course, is I think, that she talks about the way she handles the fact she’s bilingual. She says that if she thinks or expresses herself in English, she’s a lot more feminine, while in Japanese, she’s more androgynous. The only thing weird about this is that she says that she probably did this because she didn’t want to become ‘just another idol’ in Japan, while I think she shouldn’t become one in America either, but she’s more mature now, so she’ll probably know how to handle it, given the fact that she understands that that’s what went wrong with “Exodus“.

And yeah, I think they should have gotten an interviewer that knew a bit more about her and her past, because maybe we would’ve gotten some more in-depth information. Too bad, but I still think we got quite an interesting interview.

One more thing, she says that her new MV is coming in a couple of weeks? OMG, I hope that with ‘couple of weeks‘ she means two or something, because I don’t want to wait to long for the MV.

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