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Hikki interview on

February 17, 2009

utada-avAnd yet another interview with Hikki popped up on the internet. What I do like about these interviews is the fact that talk a lot more about her growing as an artist now. And of course the fact that these are in English, so i can finally understand them now.

This time the interview is on, a site which is normally dedicated to anime and manga, but since Hikki is huge in Japan, I guess that’s why they interviewed her. 

So the interview is basically about her new album again, but with some more info provided about her past for people that may not be all crazy about her. I do like the fact that she talks about the fact of her growing as a woman which is also reflected in her music, like her being more feminine. 

Another thing which I think is exciting news, is that she finished shooting the MV for “Come back to me“, at least, she said she did in the interview, so maybe we don’t have to wait the weeks she stated earlier in he interview with GossipGirl! I do hope it comes out soon, because I really want to see it. Sure hope it’s good, though I doubt it will be as good as her MV’s that were directed by Kazuaki Kiriya (her ex-husband who directed some of her MV’s, like “traveling” and “SAKURA DOROPPUSU“, and Casshern, which was a great movie).

So yeah, one last thing, which I think was pretty cool, is the fact that she watched Dragon Ball Z, when she was younger. But not aired on TV, but by having her grandma tape the episodes from TV in Japan and send them over to America so she could watch it. My family used to do that too when I was younger, so it was really weird for me when all my friends went crazy over Dragon Ball Z once they aired it here (years later). Enough for today. I’ll try and put something up tomorrow, which also involves HIkki, but not related to her American release for a change, and also not totally dedicated to her either.

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