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Utada “This is the one” album cover and tracklist

February 19, 2009

untitled-1This has been floating around on the net for a couple of days now, but because it wasn’t confirmed yet, and I didn’t want it to be true, I didn’t bother to post it, but I kinda think it’s official now…

The speculations on the tracklist and album cover appeared last sunday (15/02), but seemed a bit fake to me at first, but since it’s been on her Japanese page for about a day now, I’m afraid it’s true. Have a look for yourself (below or here):


  1. On And On/オン・アンド・オン
  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI/メリークリスマス・ミスター・ローレンス – FYI
  3. Apple And Cinnamon/アップル・アンド・シナモン
  4. Taking My Money Back/テイキング・マイ・マネー・バック
  5. This One (Crying Like A Child)/ディス・ワン(クライング・ライク・ア・チャイルド)
  6. Automatic Part II/オートマティック・パートⅡ
  7. Dirty Desire/ダーティー・デザイア
  8. Poppin’/ポッピン
  9. Come Back To Me/カム・バック・トゥ・ミー
  10. Me Muero/メ・ムエロ
  11. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
  12. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)

It’s not the tracklist I have a problem with (even though it is kinda short), but the cover. I mean, I certainly hope that this is not the cover because…well, that would be kinda lame don’t you think? I’m sure they have a lot more promo pics that they can use, but to use the picture that was also used for the single? Are they trying to pull off another “Exodus” promotion here, where the record company put zero effort into promoting her?

So anyway, back to the tracklist. It was already confirmed there would be at least 10 tracks written by her, but the at least part is a bit abundant. It’s 10 tracks with 2 remixes (2 which were also available on her digital single). So yeah, sucks, but that doesn’t mean I’m less exited though, because non of the tracks leaked on the net yet, so that still means 9 new songs

And one last thing…I know, I lied about not posting another item dedicated entirly to Utada, but I kinda got held up yesterday, so I didn’t have time to write the article I wanted, but I’ll do it somewhere between now and the end of the week…I promise…

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