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Nintendo DSi coming to the US and Europe in April

February 20, 2009

dsiThe new Nintendo DSi is coming to the US and Europe in April. Finally! It’s almost been 6 months I think that the Japanese guys got it. Why did it take so long anyway?

The US is getting it on 5/4, while Europe gets it on 3/4. Though I think it’s pretty cool Europe gets it two days before the US, I think it sucks that we only get black or white version here, while they have a pretty cool blue one over in the US. I mean, I love the bright colored DS. In Europe we have a red one and a lime one. I think those are the coolest DS colors ever, but the new blue/cyan colored DSi (below) is cool too!


I personally think the DSi is great, the camera’s are a nice addition to the handheld, and it works great (on the promo vids, that is), and it’s lighter and smaller and has a bigger screen. The decreased battery life isn’t that bad IMO and certainly won’t bother me. The mat shell also makes the product look so much more sophisticated than the DS lite and just gives it an extra edge.

I’m just not sure whether I’ll get one or not, because mine still plays Tetris fine. And that’s about the only game I play on it. I’ll probably never use the camera anyway and for music, I’ve got my iPhone. The DSWare thing is something I stil have to see whether it’s worth it or not, because it does sound promising, just like WiiWare, but I hardly buy any games there. Actually, I only have one game, and that’s Final Fantasy: My Life as a King.┬áPlus the fact that I actually already have two DS lites. Hmm…I really have to think about this one.

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