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Utada Hikaru’s diet revealed…sortof

February 21, 2009

nattoAnother special interview (sortof) with Utada! This time not about her music, but about something I really didn’t expect to see, it’s her diet!

So this article here¬†from talks about her diet during her stay in New York. All very nice, but there’s one thing in it that was a bit more interesting than the rest, unless you’re totally into diets of other people, which is the fact she apparently has a Japanese boyfriend. Of course, not very special if you think about it, I mean, she’s human after all and so many girls have boyfriends, but yeah, I didn’t know.

Another funny thing is that she talks about how she got her first name (Hikaru). I think the article actually translated it wrong because as far as I know ‘hikari‘ means ‘light‘ and ‘hikaru‘ is a verb similar to ‘to shine‘, but then again, I’m not Japanese so I’m not sure. Anyway enough about that, she talks about that how her mother wanted to name her ‘Strawberry‘ (I think something like ‘Ichigo‘?) and her father wanted to name her ‘Hikaru‘.

If you read the article, you kinda get the idea that she eats pretty healthy stuff (not in a healthy way though since she skips breakfast a few times) but I think that’s pretty cool. So anyway, read the article, it’s quite different from the articles that surfaced on the net the past weeks.

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  1. anna permalink
    August 17, 2009 19:54

    thanks for the link.

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