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Utada coming Japanese magazine articles

February 25, 2009

untitled-1So this is just small update on with a list of upcoming Japanese magazine appearances of Hikki.

So here’s the list, you might have seen some of them already (because they’ve been published already). Hope we can get some form of translations for the ones that still have to be published, otherwise the overseas fans probably won’t understand a single word.

  • 「WHAT’s IN?」(2/14)
  • 「CDでーた」(2/14)
  • 「CDジャーナル」(2/20)
  • 「i-Pod Fan」(2/21)
  • 「Zipper」(2/23)
  • 「smart」(2/24)
  • 「CHOKI CHOKI」(2/24)
  • 「BLENDA」(3/7)
  • 「In Red」(3/7)
  • 「S-Cawaii!」(3/7)
  • 「sweet」(3/12)
  • 「JELLY」(3/17)
  • 「金沢倶楽部」(3/20)
  • 「HMV the music&movie master」(3/20)
  • 「新星堂 DROPS 024号」(3/20)
  • 「VA for TSUTAYA RECORDS」(3/20)
  • 「装苑」(3/28)
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