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‘This is the one’ album length

February 27, 2009

uicl1088Right, so revealed here that the album is going to be incredibly short. Which kinda disappoints me, but I’ll wait before I make that statement official.‘Cause we’ll never know before we hear it, maybe it’s incredible and the  46:35 is just the right amount of time for the album. And yes, 46:35 is with the remixes included, and since the American version will not have the remixes, that means it’s only 38:07 long for them.

So, I’m sure you’re actually just here to see the tracklist and not read my usual BS, so I’ll stop now and give it to you:

  1. On And On 3:17
  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI  3:49
  3. Apple And Cinnamon 4:38
  4. Taking My Money Back 3:12
  5. This One (Crying Like A Child) 4:30
  6. Automatic Part II 3:0
  7. Dirty Desire 3:51
  8. Poppin’ 3:31
  9. Come Back To Me 3:56
  10. Me Muero 3:25

BTW, it’s good to see Automatic II looks like an entire song and not an interlude (unless it’s a VERY long interlude). A lot of people on the net were talking about how this one was probably going to be an interlude and not a song, well, guess we’ll get a song instead. It actually seems like there’s no interlude at all on the album, which somehow makes me kinda sad, I mean, it’s not like I really listen to them, but I really like ’em, especially “Gentle Beast Interlude“, that one was incredible. I mean, I love “Heart Station” and “Celebrate” and to hear them fuse together is so cool.

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