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R5 Central interviews Utada

February 28, 2009

r5So this interview was actually taken 29/01, but it just surfaced yesterday, or today, depending on what time zone you’re in.

You can check out the interview here on R5 Central. It’s so funny the guy starts off with the fact that if it hadn’t been for Hikki’s “Automatic“, he never would’ve gotten into Jpop at all. Same here, When I first listened to it, it opened my eyes for Jpop and it didn’t even happen on purpose. I just happened to stumble upon the song one day back in 1998 when looking for song anime stuff. But ever since that day, I never stopped listening to Utada Hikaru.

So anyway, the interview is pretty interesting talking about here debut of course (there’s also a short transcript version here on Otaku USA Magazine), but there’s also a more personal side to it, e.g. how she didn’t plan on becoming a musician. I really liked that part, because even though these interviews are for promotional purposes, it’s nice for people who don’t know her to get some more background info. I also liked how the guy challenged her to a game of Tetris, man, I’m so jealous right now…

Just check out the interview, is really cool and the guys over at R5 Central did a really good job!

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