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“This is the one” US release pushed back?

March 3, 2009

uicl1088That would kinda suck wouldn’t it? It doesn’t really matter for me though, because I’m probably getting both of them, but sure would suck for the people that were planning on getting the US one.

So what kind of delay are we talking about here? Well…get ready…

It’s listed with a release date of 12/05 now (that’s my notation for May 12th, not December 5th). So far only a few online stores changed the date to May 12th (Amazon Japan, Best Buy and HMV Japan). Amazon US still has the date on March 24th, along with some other online stores (YesAsia, etc) and no official word is out yet, but probably will come in the next few days.

The delay does allow more room for promotional work, but isn’t there enough out already? She’s getting played on the radio, her MV for “Come back to me” is out and interviews are popping up (at least) once a day, what else are they planning? And why are there so many delays? The Japanese release already got pushed back 10 days (which sucks BTW, ’cause I’m going on a trip next week and don’t get to listen to it while I’m away from civilization).

…Or maybe…they’re planning on releasing a second single before they drop the album!  I mean, “Exodus” also had 2 singles out before the US release (“Easy Breezy” & “Devil Inside“), that sure would be cool.

One last thing (again), why does the Japanese version cost so much more on YesAsia!? It’s like triple the US version ($30 compared to $10), sure those remixes aren’t worth that much?! But maybe it’s the obi strip, yeah, it’s gotta be the obi strip (for those who don’t know what the obi strip is, check it out here). Or maybe they are trying to screw us over, because they know Japanese albums are hard to get outside of Japan…

EDIT: Amazon US now changed the date to May 12th as well, guess we’re screwed

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