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Lots of news on Utada…and a bit BoA

March 19, 2009

utada-interview-asianceSo where to start…I’m too lazy to make separate posts for every news bit today, so I’ll just do everything in one go.

First thing is…according to Taku Hirano’s MySpace, who’s Hikki’s percussionist (I think you can see him in the “Utada United 2006” DVD) they have an upcoming performance for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“, just read do quote below if you don’t believe me:

“Upcoming performances include an appearance with Japanese pop superstar ..Hikaru Utada.. (EMI Japan / Island Records U.S.A.) on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on March 23, 2009.”

So could that be our first live performance? Sure do hope so, I’m dying to see some real live Hikki again, because the 50th spin of “Utada United” gets kinda repetitive.

And our next piece…It’s another entry on Hikki’s blog in English, go read it here. There’s this funny picture where she looks exactly like an high school student. It’s about her doing another appearance on the radio which was located in a high school.

The last thing is an article by the LA Times with a very realistic view (IMO) on Utada’s and BoA’s American debut. It’s quite a long article, but also very interesting to read, so be sure to read the entire article, it sure is different from most promotional articles that appeared on the net the past few weeks.

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