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Utada ‘In the Flesh’ tour 2010

March 4, 2010

It’s actually been a while, but yeah. I recently went to Utada’s last concert of her ‘In the Flesh’ tour. I got news of the concert back in November (I think) and was going crazy, since I’ve been a huge fan of her since  December 1998. Yes…that’s over 11 years already now.

So back in November, when I first heard about the concert, I was crazy excited about the fact she was going to London. Even though I’m not from the UK myself, it sure was a lot closer by then Japan. The day the pre-sale started, I was already camping on the website to get the tickets (button-bashing my refresh button from 8:59 AM). Of course, the night before, I was calling everyone I knew frantically about the concert and see who was down with going to London with me. I found a few people and bought the tickets. And lucky I was crazy enough to wake up early for the pre-sale, because the tickets were sold out pretty fast.

So a few months later, it was finally time for the concert (I went to the one on the 12th of February), and I planned on going to the venue at 12:00 PM, even though the concert would start at 8:00 PM. Since I was a bit too early, I decided to come back later.

So now it was about 4:00 PM and there was a small queue. Everyone was standing pretty close to each other like penguins, because it was COLD! And knowing I had to stand for at least 3 more hours didn’t help. Once the queue slowly started to get longer and longer, it struck me that I was actually one of the few asian people there. Quite a surprise that we asians were outnumbered.

Anyway, the doors opened around 7:00 PM and everyone rushed in. Good thing I was queueing early, so I got a pretty good ‘seat’. I was standing approx. 10 feet away from her and it was pretty amazing, to stand so close to the stage AND in the middle 😉 The concert started of slowly, and some Greek DJ was playing some pretty good music (I think her name was DJ Marlene). There were some discussion about the fact whether it was really a ‘she’ or a transvestite, but yeah, I have no idea. All I know was that she was kinda….boring. No interaction with the crowd or anything. Too bad, because the music really wasn’t that bad, but she needs to work on her interaction and her transistions between songs.

So after that, around 8.15 PM, ‘Opening‘ started to play (track #1 on ‘Exodus‘). A very nice opening for this concert, as it is her first overseas concert and also a very nice piece on her ‘crossing-over’ to the international market with her music.

I put the whole tracklist of the concert below, but I’ll go over a few of the songs in particular here. So right after the interlude, she started with ‘On and on‘. Very nice song to get the whole concert started a very catchy song in general. She basically started of with a set from her ‘This is the one‘ album (this was the tour for that album, you know) and they were pretty good. Her voice was very good and she hit the notes pretty well, though a few slip ups every now and then, but yeah, it’s live. But she basically did all top songs in the beginning, like ‘On and on‘, ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI‘ and ‘This One (Crying like  Child)‘.

After this set, she started with ‘Passion‘ but switched to ‘Sanctuary‘ for the second verse. Quite a nice move I’d say. A favorite of most people, but even though I like ‘Passion/Sanctuary‘, I don’t think it’s one of her best songs.

Afterwards, she got on the piano for a few songs. She actually almost forgot to do ‘Passion/Sanctuary‘ and got on the piano right after here ‘This is the one‘ set 😛 But she started playing ‘Sakura Drops‘, which was incredibly good. The song is already amazing, but hearing it live is a whole different dimension of ‘cool’.

After the Japanese set she did the ‘Exodus‘ set. Not everyone may like, but I personally really love ‘Exodus‘ This was where the highlight of the concert was for me. Once I heard the start of ‘Kremlin Dusk‘ I almost had to cry (almost….). It was the most amazing thing ever. I’ve seen this on her ‘UNITED 2006‘ tour, but still, to see it with my own eyes…The whole buildup, and the live version had a lot more ‘rock’ feeling to it, which just made the song even more amazing. After this she did a cover of Placebo’s ‘The Bitter End‘. I never heard of this one before, but it was pretty good. The live arrangements were cool and Hikki going all rock is just awesome 😉

Then she did another set of ‘This is the one‘, with ‘Apple and Cinnamon‘ (a favorite of many people I think) and ‘Come back to me‘. Both very nice songs so not much could go wrong. But right after ‘Come back to me‘ she started ‘First Love‘ and the whole crowd went crazy, which is understandable of course, since this is one of her most famous songs, and I bet a lot of people started listening to her because of this song 11 years ago. Another classic was of course ‘Automatic‘. The crowd went even wilder here, since this is her first single and also how I got to know her. Very nostalgic.

After ‘Dirty Desire‘she went of the stage and everything just went black. Some people even left the venue (probably didn’t see the tracklist online…stupid). But she made us wait for about 15 minutes before coming back for the encore. It started of with ‘Simple and Clean‘, which sounded very similar to ‘Hikari’ in ‘UNITED 2006 (duh…) but also how it was sung was similar, but still nice, since it’s one of my favorites. Afterwards she had small talk about ‘Me Muero‘ that it was her favorite song and then she started doing the last song of the whole tour. And this is how it all ended.

She started throwing the foam balls at the end and I desperately tried to catch one, but the 2 going my way were just wayyy up there, so no luck there. One drumstick flew my way though, but my friend standing behind me, but who’s much taller than I am caught it -_-

A few more funny things:

– There were people from all over Europe who came to London for the concert

– Some people also went to the concert the day before, which was held because a lot of people couldn’t get tickets for the original one on the 12th

-There were even people from Japan, since the tour was only in the US and UK, asians just had to fly over to either US or UK for the concert. Pretty hardcore I’d say.

– Pictures were not allowed, and they were very strict about that. There were a few flashes and the security immediately started searching the crowd for the people. My friend managed to take a few pictures though 😛

Playlist of the concert:

0.Opening (Also known as track #1 from Exodus)
1.On and On
2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI
4.This One (Crying like A child)

5.Passion / Sanctuary [Japanese & English mix]

6.Sakura Drops (Utada on piano)
7.Stay Gold (also with piano)
8.Devil Inside
9.Kremlin Dusk
10.You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11.The Bitter End [cover song originally by Placebo]
12.Apple and Cinnamon

13.Come Back To Me
14.First Love
15.Can You Keep A Secret?
17.Dirty Desire

18.Simple and Clean
19.Me Muero

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